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Not to be confused with All-Play Minigames.

4-player Minigames are one of the four types of Minigames in Wii Party. Four players play and compete against each other in these Minigames.


All Minigames are played with the Wii Remote. Control methods include tilting, swinging up or down, pointing and pressing the A, B, 1, and 2 buttons and the directions on the + Control Pad.

List of 4-player Minigames

There are 41 4-player minigames, and only three of them are luck based.

  1. Derby Dash
  2. Smile Snap
  3. Chop Chops
  4. Walk-Off
  5. Shifty Gifts
  6. Flap Hurdles
  7. Jumbo Jump
  8. Moon Landing
  9. Popgun Posse
  10. Friendly Face-Off
  11. Flag Fracas
  12. Shutterpup
  13. Lucky Launch (luck based)
  14. Saucer Snap
  15. Maze Daze
  16. Quicker Chipper
  17. Barrel Daredevil
  18. Face Flip
  19. Goal Getters
  20. Stop Watchers
  21. Chopper Hoppers
  22. Puzzle Pick-Up
  23. Feathered Frenzy
  24. Follow Your Face
  25. Strategy Steps
  26. Tropical Punch
  27. Pearl Plunder
  28. Hammer Heads
  29. Crash Balls
  30. Rope Sling
  31. Space Brawl
  32. Dicey Descent (luck based)
  33. Cosmic Capers
  34. Cry Babies
  35. Ram Jam
  36. Spotlight Fight
  37. Chin-Up Champ
  38. Risky Railroad (luck based)
  39. Balloon Buggies
  40. Back Attack
  41. Zombie Tag

Modes that include 4-player Minigames

  • 4-player Minigames can be selected from Free Play.
  • In Board Game Island, there is a 4-player Minigame each round to determine the order of play in the round. In case of a tie, a die roll decides the order. Also, the winner of the minigame gets a golden bonus die with numbers 1 to 6, the 2nd gets a silver die with 1 to 3 and the 3rd gets a bronze die with 1 and 2.
  • In Globe Trot, each round a 4-player Minigame determines the order of play, and coins are awarded depending on position (1st gets 10 coins, 2nd gets 5 coins, 3rd gets 3 coins and 4th gets one coin). In case of a tie, a die roll decides the order.
  • In Spin-Off, when somebody spins 4-Player Bank Battle, a 4-player Minigame decides who wins the bank. In case of a tie, the involved players split the bank. If all players tie, nothing happens.
  • In Swap Meet, each round a 4-player Minigame determines the order of play. In case of a tie, a die roll decides the order.
  • In Bingo, when a Minigame ball comes out, a 4-player Minigame is played, and the winner (in case of at least two winners, a die roll decides) can mark off any Mii they want.
  • In Solo Mode, most spaces are 4-player Minigames and the player must place 1st (this could mean winning), 2nd or 3rd to continue his/her journey.
  • In Battle Mode, 4-player Minigames are played, which decides who wins that Minigame. In case of multiple winners, the involved players win that Minigame. (If all the players tie, nothing happens.)
  • In Spot the Sneak, all games are 4-player Minigames and one player gets to cheat. Minigames in this mode include Pearl Plunder, Face Flip, Balloon Buggies and Walk-Off.

Minigames in Wii Party
4-player: Derby Dash - Smile Snap - Chop Chops - Walk-Off - Shifty Gifts - Flap Hurdles - Jumbo Jump - Moon Landing - Popgun Posse - Friendly Face-Off - Flag Fracas - Shutterpup - Lucky Launch - Saucer Snap - Maze Daze - Quicker Chipper - Barrel Daredevil - Face Flip - Goal Getters - Stop Watchers - Chopper Hoppers - Puzzle Pick-Up - Feathered Frenzy - Follow Your Face - Strategy Steps - Tropical Punch - Pearl Plunder - Hammer Heads - Crash Balls - Rope Sling - Space Brawl - Dicey Descent - Cosmic Capers - Cry Babies - Ram Jam - Spotlight Fight - Chin-Up Champ - Risky Railroad - Balloon Buggies - Back Attack - Zombie Tag

1 vs 3: Flying Fruit - Lumber Whacks - Splash Bash - Poserobics - Hide-and-Peek

1 vs 1: Commuter Count - Timber Topple - Delivery Duel - Roll to the Goal - Channel Changers - Spring Time - Jangle Wranglers/Shepherd Scramble - Poppin' Pilots - Flag Footrace - Pop-Up Bandits - Fruit Focus

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Challenge: Marching Orders - Garden Gridlock - Shifty Gifts - Tippy Traverse - Banana Blockade - Clover Hunt - About Face